Seated Acupressure

Seated Acupressure is a fully clothed seated massage that targets the muscles in the back, neck, shoulders and arms, helping to release tightness and knots.

By applying pressure to the acupressure points, this will stimulate the circulatory, muscular, nervous, immune and lymphatic systems and also help to release endorphins which will give you that feel good factor.  By the end of the treatment you should be feeling relaxed with a clear, focused frame of mind.

This treatment can be used to help alleviate backache, eye strain, headaches, migranes, RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury), stress and anxiety.  Thus many corporate companies are now seeing the benefit of this treatment to help reduce staff sickness.

Not everyone likes a massage where they have to get undressed, so this massage is ideal for those people and is particularly beneficial to office workers that have a limited time available that just want some tension relieved from their back neck and shoulders before returning to the desk.

If you work in a corporate setting and are interested in providing this service to your workers, then please get in touch.  Remedial / Deep tissue may also be available.