Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is for women passed the first trimester, which are looking for deep relaxation and relief from muscular aches and pains. Lymphatic drainage can also be great for treating areas of oedema (swelling) helping relieve the symptoms of conditions such as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.  This massage will help relieve stress both mentally and physically, promoting a better nights sleep.

Part of this massage includes massaging ‘the bump’ however if you feel you would rather not have this included then that is entirely up to you.  All treatments are tailored to the individual so if you would prefer more time spent on your back for example, then this is fine.

Pregnancy massage – a testimonial  – and excerpt from the NCT magazine

On 20th April 2011 I gave birth to a beautiful little boy, Henry. Although I did not have any major problems in pregnancy I certainly did not have any easy time! I was terribly sick in the first trimester, then towards the end of my second trimester I started to suffer from swelling and then Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.  I would constantly wake in the night with numb hands and pins & needles.

I had had several Swedish massages in the past and had always found them extremely relaxing. When I first saw the advert for pregnancy massage I was concerned that it would bring on premature labour.  A couple of weeks later my symptoms had worsened so I decided to make an appointment. As it happened I had nothing to worry about, Denise very quickly put my mind at ease and explained that pregnancy massage was very specialised and she would not do anything to bring on labour – what a relief! She also told me she would concentrate on Lymphatic drainage to help relieve my swelling in my wrists and hands which was contributing to my Carpel Tunnel symptoms, and that she would not massage my bump unless I wanted her to. The massage was very relaxing and I was made to lie on my side so my bump was comfy and nothing was getting squashed, it was nice to feel the tension released from my back and neck and I even started to nod off! That night I slept like a baby (excuse the pun!) so I certainly wasn’t kept awake by pins & needles or numbness in my hands.  A few more massages in my third trimester kept my symptoms at bay.

As my due date approached (19th April) I was desperate not to go overdue. Not only did I feel like a beached whale but I wanted to meet my baby. The raspberry tea had been on standby for several weeks and my husband had promised to cook me a hot curry. The day before my due date I had decided to book in for another massage, only this time it was designed to bring on labour! Although there were no promises, it is thought that massaging certain areas such as the inner ankle and upper shoulder can get things started. I was so excited and that night my waters broke, I couldn’t believe it!

The birth didn’t exactly go to plan, the home birth I had longed for ended in a caesarean section in hospital, but I didn’t care, the outcome was the same regardless, a healthy 7lb 11.5oz baby boy. Well that 7lb 11.5oz baby boy is now a 6 month rather large 20.5lb bouncing baby! and yes, you’ve guessed it my back has been killing me from all the lifting, so I have now moved on to remedial massage. This type of massage concentrates much more on deep tissue, muscle imbalances and postural problems so perfect to relieve the aches and pains that come with being a new mum. The techniques used feel very different to that of a Swedish massage and the pressure applied a lot stronger, but it certainly gets rid of any unwanted knots.  I would say that this is not just for Mums, but also Dads who give lots of cuddles can really benefit too!

Susanne Fellowes

Pregnancy Massage – A Testimonial
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